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Bustling the Bride

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Over the course of several days, I have been looking at gowns – searching for the perfect gowns for my Bridal Line.  As the gowns began to become a blur [after looking at so many gowns, eventually they begin to look alike], I thought about the ‘bustle’. It was a strange thought considering the moment it came about but it certainly had purpose.

The question was ‘does the honor attendant know how to bustle the bride?’…’does she know that’s one of her duties as an honor attendant?’  I had to think about WHY I was concerning myself with that thought, and it finally hit me, sure, I know that the honor attendant is supposed to help bustle the bride but I’m of a slightly different generation. 

I have the best of both worlds, old enough to have received wisdom from the women in the family who were born at the turn of the 1900’s, and gleaned some of the nouveau ideas as well.  In fact I think my generation is the LAST generation with that privilege. [IMO :-)]  Have brides become far removed from some traditions such as ‘bustling’ because they want to make their own statements or do they have no idea for what those multitudinous tiny hooks are purposed?!?  Do they want to show off the full glory of their train or again is it just something they didn’t know?

I  witness it during my occasional viewing of wedding television.  I have seen quite a few brides enter the dance floor, with her train fully extended. It was thought that the bustling took place between the ceremony and reception, to make the gown more versatile and reception friendly.  If you have a chapel length train [or better], a bustle is required for sure or you’ll find you and your guest tripped up, literally, before night’s end.  Now in this day and age, we are seeing more brides either opt [out of preference or ignorance] to let their trains hang all night long. If that’s not the case, we see the ever so popular ‘switch’ into the reception dress.  The former practice I am opposed to…no one wants to have to be on guard about your train all night.  The latter practice makes sense to me for a reason totally different from the population.  I feel a certain way about wearing my wedding gown – I highly regard it as a special occasion dress – specifically for the wedding.  I want my wedding gown to be the representation of the day I gave myself to my husband before God and our family and friends. 

Once it’s left the sanctuary it should be packed up and preserved. It has no place at the reception! [but that’s just me ;-)] I can certainly see why the masses decide that the wedding gown can be too cumbersome for the party portion. It’s hard to really celebrate when you’re all corseted, zipped, petticoated and otherwise weighed down!  Let’s just say this…on my big day, when I choose a reception gown, it will totally be fueled by fashion’s sake [and function, but mostly fashion].

So I ask, which do you feel is the better option? Should the bride be bustled [providing she even has a gown to bustle] or should every bride have her reception dress?

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