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More than just gowns…

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Update: It's been 10 years since we introduced The Suite Life and now we return to the program!! Look for it again in 2024 at J. Cheree Luxe Gowns and Accoutrements

During the past several months, J. Cheree Bridal Accoutrements and Wedding Fashion Consulting has been working on more ways we can serve our clients. It just wasn’t enough to dress you from head to toe…we needed to make sure you were just as beautiful on the inside as you would be in our gowns.

The last half of 2013 introduced ‘The Suite Life’, a series of events hosted monthly and designed to cater to the woman who happens to be getting married! Most brides lose themselves in the planning process and end up a total wreck while planning their wedding. ‘The Suite Life’ was designed to be a bit of disconnect from the hectic planning and just a moment to relax and enjoy.

2014 began with a BANG!!! The VIP Day Intensives are opportunities to work with me one on one and gain exactly what you need to have a stress’LESS’ wedding planning experience. It even includes a pampering session as a BONUS feature! So not only will you walk away with ample information and direction to make sure you stay on top of things and don’t become a BRIDEZILLA, you’ll receive a bit of Posh Pampering to boot!

Interestingly enough, through dealing with clients it’s been found that there’s still MORE that can be offered!!! Brides have SO many personal needs which go unattended. It seems there’s plenty of information and help about planning the wedding, choosing a dress, selecting the right music and all but there’s very little information and help about BEING A BRIDE! Just because you are planning a wedding doesn’t mean you.stop being YOU!

As a result, J. Cheree Bridal will now also offer workshops to help you walk you through your bridal experience with ease.

To receive the latest information about all of the opportunities to help you prepare for one of the BIGGEST days of your life, make sure you join our email list. We want to make sure you’re the ‘Angel of the Aisle’!

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