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The J. Cheree Bridal, 'Bridal Suite'

J. Cheree Bridal is a luxury Bridal Suite located in the Chicago Loop and is Black Woman owned. They offer a nationwide service for bespoke bridal gowns and accompanying accessories. The business aims to provide a unique and luxurious shopping experience with a selection of handcrafted and high-quality gowns. The collection, including the "Suite Sixteen" collection, features various silhouettes and exclusive designs to ensure brides have a distinctive look for their wedding day. Services offered include gown consultation, bridal accoutrements, and bridal lifestyle consulting and coaching.

  • Gown Consultation: Personalized sessions to assist brides in selecting a unique and elegant wedding gown.

  • Accoutrements: A curated selection of bridal accessories to complement the chosen gown.

  • Bridal Lifestyle Consulting and Coaching: Comprehensive wedding planning and coordination services.

Appointments are limited to maintain gown exclusivity, providing a rather private and personalized experience. The site also includes a section for upcoming events, contact information, and invites customers to join an email list for special offers.

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